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Intergenerational Transmission of Patterns of Attachment. Dr Nicolas Lorenzini

In this seminar, Dr Nicolas Lorenzini delves deeper into the phenomenon of intergenerational transmission of attachment. The association between the caregiver’s attachment representations and those of their offspring. What has been called “the intergenerational transmission of attachment” is one of the most established findings of attachment research. This fact about the functioning of attachment has been replicated on several occasions and across different cultures. However, this transmission is not a straightforward process, with secure attachment being intergenerationally transmitted more often than insecure, a phenomenon known as “the transmission gap”. This seminar explores the mechanisms of intergenerational transmission and its gap, particularly with regard to the role of trauma, caregiver sensitivity and mentalizing. The parenting and clinical implications of this phenomenon will be discussed.

About the Speaker

Nicolás Lorenzini, MSc, PhD. is Research Fellow at University College London, Lecturer at the International Psychoanalytic University Berlin, and practicing psychotherapist in Berlin where he currently lives. He is a longstanding member of the Executive Committee of IAN-UK and is Technical Director of its online training programs in English and Spanish. He is also currently Vice-President of AIEDEM and Director of its training in Mentalizing Theory.