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Bowlby Centre Online Conference 2021

Saturday 24 April 2021

Attachment, the body and gender

Can we assume there is a link between our early attachment history and how we come to develop our sense of gender?

In what way can the treatment of our bodies as babies impact on our sense of gender?

To what extent do we form our gender identity from our caregivers’ sense of their own gender?

How do our attachments to primary caregivers impact on our ability to safely explore our gender identities?

What is the impact on us when we can’t talk about our gendered sense of self?

This conference will bring together clinicians from diverse backgrounds to explore the ways in which our early attachments may contribute to how we develop our sense of a gendered self and how we come to experience our bodies sexually. Our speakers will be bringing multiple perspectives to this conference – and in particular, perspectives from attachment theory, feminism and transgender theory. The aim of this conference is to explore and develop our understanding of the many ways in which we come to experience our bodies and how we choose to identify ourselves.


Meg-John Barker (they/them) Mei-Fung Chung (she/her) (tbc) Igi Moon (they/them) Susie Orbach (she/her)

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Full ticket – £145 Bowlby Centre members – £95