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Desire and Technology - The Impact of Digital Media on Psychotherapy with Susan Tyler - Online Workshop

Many therapists were forced into moving online as a response to the pandemic and lockdown. Now we are moving out of the crisis and looking for more sustained ways of relating online. This workshop will be an opportunity to explore how technology is affecting our relationships, including the therapeutic one. It will explore the potential of this expansion of how we relate to one another. It will also highlight the dangers of dehumanising the other inherent in disembodied relating.  

  1. Would you like to explore the impact of technology on the psychotherapeutic relationship? 
  2. Would you like to have a clearer understanding of the opportunities and pitfalls of computer mediated therapeutic work? It could lead to more opportunities to connect as well as a potential denial of more embodied states.  
  3. Do you need ideas on how to facilitate the creative use of technology in enhancing rather than frustrating psychic change? 

By the end of this workshop you will have: 

  • A better understanding of the impact of technology on the psychotherapeutic relationship. The workshop will look at how to think about the use of technology clinically. 
  • A clearer understanding of how important tolerating frustration is in forming the self and how technology affects this process. It will focus on how therapy can rehumanise and expand possibilities for connection rather than limit and dehumanise the other. 
  • Have more knowledge about how to promote the use of technology as a transitional object, as a bridge towards feeling more connected rather than a psychic retreat. 
  •  An opportunity to think about how therapy can help when the use of technology has become addictive or perverse, using clinical examples.