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Self-Care for Practitioners with Dr.Meg-John Barker - Online Workshop

This workshop will be delivered via Zoom online.

What is self-care? Why is it so important? As practitioners, we find it notoriously difficult to take care of ourselves. This important workshop is an opportunity to work with others and think about how we are taking care of ourselves. It seems that right now, in the world, this is even more important.   

You will be able to explore why it’s important to engage in self-care and how you might build it into your life.  Learn about a wide range of self-care practices, drawing on trauma-informed, systemic, mindful, existential approaches and more.  Learn how to go about engaging your clients in self-care practices. 

Workshop Aims

The workshop will provide opportunities for participants:

  1. To understand what self-care is and why it’s important for practitioners and clients alike.
  2. To know your own blocks to self-care and ways you might work with those.
  3. To have access to a range of self-care tools and techniques.
  4. To make connections between inner self-care and oppression and marginalisation in the wider world.

Meg-John Barker is the author of a number of popular books on sex, gender, and relationships, including Queer: A Graphic History, Gender: A Graphic Guide, How To Understand Your Gender, Life Isn’t Binary, Enjoy Sex (How, When, and IF You Want To), Rewriting the Rules, The Psychology of Sex, and Hell Yeah Self-Care: A Trauma-Informed Workbook. They have also written a number of books for scholars and counsellors on these topics, drawing on their own research and therapeutic practice. They produced the BACP resource on Gender, Sexual, and Relationship Diversity.


Target Audience:

This is an introductory level workshop and will be of interest to those who know something about Freud’s theory of unconscious mind and want to consolidate their basic understanding. The workshop is also open to qualified and training psychotherapists and counsellors including those on introductory-level courses.   


 Here is the free resources referred to throughout the day can be downloaded here: 


Applications must be received by Thursday, 21st January 2021. Booking will be final after receipt of payment.

Before booking please read our Terms and Conditions for CPD events here.

If you experience any problems during the application process then please e-mail Training Administration in order to be sent an application form.