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Wimbledon Guild Counselling Training Conference 2020: An attachment perspective on our relationship with eating

On Saturday 29th Feb 2020 10am-4:00pm Wimbledon Guild Counselling will hold our One Day Conference. This year’s theme will be: An attachment perspective on our relationship with eating

Chair: Linda Cundy

Speakers: Professor Jeremy Holmes, Linda Cundy, Penny Forster

Further details to follow:

The Speakers:

Linda Cundy is an attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist, supervisor, and independent trainer who has a long association with the Wimbledon Guild. She has written and edited three books to date (Love in the Age of the Internet: Attachment in the Digital Era; Anxiously Attached: Understanding and Working With Preoccupied Attachment; and Attachment and the Defence Against Intimacy:

Understanding and Working with Avoidant Attachment, Self-Hatred, and Shame)

as well as a number of articles published in professional journals. She has a private psychotherapy practice in North London.

Professor Jeremy Holmes MD was for 35 years Consultant Psychiatrist/Medical Psychotherapist at University College London (UCL) and then in North Devon, UK, and Chair of the Psychotherapy Faculty of the Royal College of Psychiatrists 1998-2002. He is visiting Professor at the University of Exeter, and lectures nationally and internationally.

In addition to 200+ peer-reviewed papers and chapters in the field of psychoanalysis and attachment theory, his books include John Bowlby and Attachment Theory (2nd edition 2013), The Oxford Textbook of Psychotherapy (2005 co-editors Glen Gabbard and Judy Beck), Exploring In Security: Towards an Attachment-informed PsychoanalyticPsychotherapy (2010, winner of Canadian Goethe Prize) , and The Therapeutic Imagination: Using Literature to Deepen Psychodynamic Understanding and Enhance Empathy (2014) and Attachment in Therapeutic Practice (2017, with A Slade). He was recipient of the Bowlby-Ainsworth Founders Award 2009.

Penny Forster is a senior psychotherapist, highly specialised in the treatment of eating disorders. She has built up over 15,000 hours of supervised clinical practice over 23 years, throughout this time exclusively seeing people with all types of eating disorder.

After an initial training in group therapy, she gained a Post-Graduate Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy at Roehampton Institute (University of Surrey), and then went on to train more extensively in attachment-based psychodynamic therapy, completing the Post-Graduate Diploma in Attachment-Based Psychotherapy at the Wimbledon Guild in 2015.

Penny worked as an independent psychotherapist with the Eating Disorder Unit at the Priory Hospital Roehampton for many years, seeing individual patients and running groups as part of their extensive therapy programme. She currently works with her colleagues as a partner in the Chelsea and Harley Street Eating Disorder Service, seeing patients individually and running a weekly support group for patients who are approaching recovery.