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Constellation Therapy 2/8: Entanglement and Disentanglement

  • 8th Oct 2021
  • Nikki Mackay

Lost, displaced and unseen aspects of our ancestral pasts can have a powerful influence on our present. Nicola Mackay is a clinical physicist turned constellation therapist and researcher, with an interest in bridging the gap between science and energy healing. In the second part of her new blog series, she shares a quantum perspective as to why representing these aspects in a constellation can help clients move forward.

ADHD and Child Psychotherapy 1/2: Therapeutic Activities

  • 7th Oct 2021
  • Tamsin Cottis

How can therapy help children with a diagnosis of ADHD? To mark ADHD Awareness Month, Tamsin Cottis, a leading child psychotherapist specialising in learning disabilities, begins a two-part blog. Today, she describes play activities that can strengthen a child’s sense of self. Next week, she will discuss the impact of therapy on relationships with teachers and peers.

Constellation Therapy 1/8: What is Constellation Therapy?

  • 5th Oct 2021
  • Nikki Mackay

What are the basic principles and processes of family and ancestral constellation work? How does this flourishing modality help clients disentangle from the pain of generations past? Nicola Mackay is a clinical physicist turned constellation therapist and researcher, with an interest in bridging the gap between science and energy healing. In the first part of her new blog series, she discusses the centrality of belonging and the transgenerational cost of being unseen.

Supporting Anxious Schoolchildren: Essential Tools

  • 28th Sep 2021
  • Dr Sharie Coombes

What difficulties are schoolchildren currently bringing to therapy, and how might we help? Dr Sharie Coombes, a headteacher turned leading child and family psychotherapist and author, has been observing the mixed impact of the resumption of school routines. Combining psychodynamic exploration with neuroscientific psychoeducation, she shares her work with one anxious and panic-stricken child.

Legacy Burdens: IFS, Energy Work and Intergenerational Healing

  • 23rd Sep 2021
  • Kay Gardner, LCPC

When she first heard the phrase ‘legacy burden’, Kay Gardner felt she was encountering a concept that could illuminate her own fears as well as the pain and shame of her clients. Ahead of PESI UK’s Transgenerational Trauma Conference in October, and a dedicated training in November, the IFS lead trainer shares her journey toward understanding and clinically applying the notion of intergenerational burdens – from studying energy work to learning what helps clients ‘let go’.

Domestic Violence: Checking Our Assumptions

  • 16th Sep 2021
  • David Wexler

In the world of relationship violence, one size does not fit all. Dr David Wexler, clinical psychologist and author specialising in men’s issues, shares the complex realities he has encountered in his work with men – and women – who commit acts of domestic violence, and urges us to listen to the vast range of stories that can get lost between the labels ‘victim’ and ‘aggressor’.

Goal Setting with Young Clients in Uncertain Times

  • 7th Sep 2021
  • Nihara Krause

Establishing goals can be a key part of therapy with young people. But how can we help our adolescent clients to set themselves goals when life feels so uncertain? To mark Youth Mental Health Day, with its theme this year of #StrideForward, consultant clinical psychologist and mental health charity CEO Dr Nihara Krause suggests how we might adapt our approach.

Join World-Leading Clinicians for PESI UK’s Transgenerational Trauma Conference

  • 2nd Sep 2021
  • Blog Editor

Next month, PESI UK invites you to connect with Dr Rachel Yehuda, Dr Peter Levine, Dr Pat Ogden, Dr Stephen Porges, Dr Dwight Turner and other key voices in working with transgenerational trauma. Taking place from October 7-8 2021, this special two-day conference will take in the latest insights from epigenetics to IFS – and feature a very personal keynote from Baroness Floella Benjamin – as we consider how therapists can best support our clients to transform long legacies of pain.

Disclosing Our Food Selves

  • 26th Aug 2021
  • Andrea Oskis

What happens when we bring our food selves into the therapy room? How might food-related disclosure feed the relational dynamic? Attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist Andrea Oskis explains why she began creating recipes inspired by clients’ memories – and recalls how her own therapy was transformed when the therapist spotted her cookbooks.

Wild Therapy, Wild Bodies

  • 19th Aug 2021
  • Emma Palmer

The deep connection between body psychotherapy and ecopsychology is engaging a new generation of clients. Emma Palmer, a relational body psychotherapist and wild therapist, contemplates the continuum between these two practices from her green(ish) corner of Bristol.