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Working with Compulsive Sexual Behaviour

  • 11th Apr 2023
  • Paula Hall

Some clients seek out specialist treatment for sex or porn addiction. Others bring their compulsive sexual behaviour into general therapy. Psychotherapist Dr Paula Hall, founder of the UK’s largest sex and porn addiction therapy service, has created a not-for-profit app that clients and non-specialist clinicians can incorporate into their ongoing work as an accessible resource – using CBT, ACT and psychodynamic strategies to address both unwanted behaviours and underlying causes.

Safeguarding Children in Therapeutic Settings: Cultural Coercion in Assessing Risk

  • 30th Mar 2023
  • Gretchen Precey

When does child safeguarding become a safeguarding issue in its own right? When child protection procedures are implemented without cultural competence, and without listening to the experiences of the children whose family roles and values are being pathologised. Gretchen Precey, independent social worker, draws therapists’ attention to the traumatising impact of some state interventions as she shares her encounter with one Eritrean teenager whose anxiety, depression and tics told a complex story.

Person-Centred Therapy Today: It’s Not What You Think

  • 14th Mar 2023
  • Mick Cooper

Far from the wishy-washy passivity with which it is sometimes associated, person-centered therapy has in fact been busy taking on new and exciting forms. Ahead of a FREE live workshop this Friday (March 17 2023), leading author and trainer Mick Cooper outlines key developments in this dynamic contemporary field, including shifts around process direction and relational depth, and some proactively person-centered approaches to research.

Reframing the University Mental Health Crisis

  • 9th Mar 2023
  • Alan Percy

Institutional anxiety, unrealistic expectations around risk, and a corrosive undermining of clinical work… University counsellors are under huge pressure, argues psychoanalytic psychotherapist Alan Percy, and the emphasis on waiting lists is both compounding the problem and missing the point. As we mark University Mental Health Day 2023, the former Head of Counselling Service at University of Oxford considers dynamics at play in the university sector, including media attention around suicides – and speaks up for the vital role and proven value of short-term student counselling.

Therapy with Sexual Minority Women: Equity not Equality

  • 8th Mar 2023
  • Aisling Leonard-Curtin

More likely to seek our support, yet less likely to experience a good therapeutic outcome: evidence suggests sexual minority women are being underserved in therapy. As we mark International Women’s Day 2023, Counselling Psychologist and ACT trainer Aisling Leonard-Curtin considers what ‘embracing equity’ means for this client group, and suggests how therapists might develop our insight and resources so that all women – regardless of identity, orientation or behaviour – feel seen, heard and understood.

Working with the Menstrual Cycle 2/2: Understanding the Four Phases

  • 3rd Mar 2023
  • Kate Merrick

What are the four phases of the menstrual cycle, and how might we support a client to become more in tune with these inner seasons? In the second of two blog posts, embodied psychotherapist Kate Merrick outlines the hormonal fluctuations that can shape phenomenological experience for many clients, from states of clarity and creativity to irritability and heightened intuition – and invites us to work with, rather than against, these natural rhythms.

Working with Clients Who Cannot Bear to Be Seen

  • 27th Feb 2023
  • Nicole Schnackenberg

As therapists, we are used to working with a degree of ambivalence about being ‘seen’. But what about those clients, including individuals with body dysmorphic disorder, for whom the experience of being looked at can feel unbearable? How might we work in face-to-face therapy when our own gaze causes intense anguish? Psychotherapist Dr Nicole Schnackenberg, a specialist in BDD, discusses helpful conceptualisations, adjustments and meeting points when we’re in the room with body-focused shame.

Working with the Menstrual Cycle 1/2: Embodiment and Empowerment

  • 24th Feb 2023
  • Kate Merrick

The wisdom of the body is now widely accepted in mainstream therapies. Yet this is often to the exclusion of the menstrual cycle, despite its powerful connection for many of us with changes in energy, mood, emotion and somatic sensitivity. In the first of two blog posts, embodied psychotherapist Kate Merrick encourages therapists to speak into this cultural silence – and suggests how we might help clients to learn about and connect with a vital self-care system.

On Becoming a Shame-Sensitive Therapist

  • 15th Feb 2023
  • Susan Warren Warshow

Shame is an exceedingly vulnerable state that calls for great tenderness and delicacy on the part of the therapist – as Susan Warren Warshow learned through trial and error. Here, the author of The Therapist’s Handbook to Dissolve Shame and Defense and her upcoming The Practice of DEFT: A Shame Sensitive Workbook reflects on the process of developing her shame sensitivity – including requesting feedback, reframing interventions and communicating compassion for internal conflict.

Engaging Imagination in Therapy: Movement and Embodiment

  • 1st Feb 2023
  • sissy lykou

When a client feels stuck, bringing attention to their movements can help to mobilise imagination. Inspired by a recent walk with her nephews, embodied movement psychotherapist sissy lykou considers the role of movement in communicating patterns, expanding process and allowing the unconscious to lead the way – and shares how two clients reached breakthroughs by developing their movement awareness.