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Counselling Parents of Disabled Children: What Helps?

  • 28th Jul 2021
  • Joanna Griffin

For complex reasons, therapeutic support is often inaccessible or poorly attuned to the needs of parents caring for children with a disability. Joanna Griffin, author, counselling psychologist and parent carer, shares insights from her research – and her lived experience – of what counselling can be doing to help.

Think You Have No Autistic Clients?

  • 2nd Apr 2019
  • Caroline Hearst

How many of your therapy clients are autistic? And what about your therapist colleagues? Caroline Hearst, who trained as an art psychotherapist and now works as an autism acceptance educator, suggests the numbers are far higher than we think. To mark World Autism Awareness Day, the founder of Autism Matters talks training gaps, internalised oppression, and the dangers of assuming neurotypicality and pathologising autism.