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Brexit on the Couch

  • 22nd Mar 2019
  • Sarah Niblock

The UK is currently in the grip of a colossal identity crisis – something therapists know rather a lot about. With the clock ticking ever louder on the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, Professor Sarah Niblock, CEO of UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), considers the nature of ‘Brexit anxiety’, and the vital importance of understanding ourselves before we can move forward.

Why We Judge Ourselves

  • 18th Feb 2019
  • Kalman Glantz

Do your clients often seem to be living in a state of permanent self-judgement? Psychotherapist and author Kalman Glantz had a lightbulb moment when he began to link our ‘mad rush’ to self-evaluate to the market system. Here he explains how living in a competitive, hierarchical society impacts on our sense of self – and why trying to boost self-esteem isn’t the right therapeutic strategy