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The Attachment Paradox

  • 26th Mar 2021
  • Stefan Walters

Previously secure relationships can fall into anxious patterns, especially when life events render an attachment figure suddenly emotionally unreliable. How can we help clients to understand their own or the other’s escalating reactions, and regain both trust and independence? Stefan Walters shares a useful, destigmatising framing.

Wedding in the Family? Why We Should Take Note

  • 14th Feb 2019
  • Annette Byford

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular dates to propose on, meaning wedding bells may soon be sounding in some of our clients’ material. As psychotherapist Annette Byford understands all too well, the impact of an engagement isn’t always confined to the couple in question. The author of a new book of interviews with mothers of brides and grooms, she explains why weddings present families with a huge adaptive task – and highlights some difficult feelings they may stir up.