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Formulating LGBTQ+ Difficulties: Circles of Influence

  • 6th Jul 2022
  • Brendan J Dunlop

Understanding how our individual wellbeing is impacted by the people around us, and by wider systemic and structural forces, can be useful for all clients – and may be particularly powerful for LGBTQ+ individuals who experience self-blame. Brendan Dunlop, author of The Queer Mental Health Workbook, shares a conceptualisation for helping clients to understand the aetiology of some difficulties.

Join World-Leading Clinicians for PESI UK’s Transgenerational Trauma Conference

  • 2nd Sep 2021
  • Blog Editor

Next month, PESI UK invites you to connect with Dr Rachel Yehuda, Dr Peter Levine, Dr Pat Ogden, Dr Stephen Porges, Dr Dwight Turner and other key voices in working with transgenerational trauma. Taking place from October 7-8 2021, this special two-day conference will take in the latest insights from epigenetics to IFS – and feature a very personal keynote from Baroness Floella Benjamin – as we consider how therapists can best support our clients to transform long legacies of pain.