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Domestic Violence: Checking Our Assumptions

  • 16th Sep 2021
  • David Wexler

In the world of relationship violence, one size does not fit all. Dr David Wexler, clinical psychologist and author specialising in men’s issues, shares the complex realities he has encountered in his work with men – and women – who commit acts of domestic violence, and urges us to listen to the vast range of stories that can get lost between the labels ‘victim’ and ‘aggressor’.

Sexual Violence 5/5: Therapy as Activism

  • 25th Jun 2021
  • Erene Hadjiioannou

What are our social responsibilities when working with survivors of sexual violence? If we don’t extend our attentions beyond the therapy space, are we in danger of compounding victim-blaming and perpetuating cultural silence? In the concluding part of her series, Erene Hadjiioannou encourages therapists to raise our voices – and step outside the room.

Sexual Violence 4/5: Vicarious Trauma

  • 18th Jun 2021
  • Erene Hadjiioannou

From disturbed sleep through to physical pain, it is common for therapists to experience stress responses when working with survivors of sexual violence. In the fourth part of her series, Erene Hadjiioannou suggests ways to identify and manage vicarious trauma – helping us stay connected with ourselves, and with our clients.

Sexual Violence 3/5: Working Relationally

  • 11th Jun 2021
  • Erene Hadjiioannou

How can we sustain a safe relational connection with survivors of sexual violence? In the third part of her series about working with survivors, Erene Hadjiioannou, author of a forthcoming textbook, addresses the therapeutic challenges and opportunities – and shares her work with one client for whom playing cards was vital groundwork.