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Supporting Anxious Schoolchildren: Essential Tools

  • 28th Sep 2021
  • Dr Sharie Coombes

What difficulties are schoolchildren currently bringing to therapy, and how might we help? Dr Sharie Coombes, a headteacher turned leading child and family psychotherapist and author, has been observing the mixed impact of the resumption of school routines. Combining psychodynamic exploration with neuroscientific psychoeducation, she shares her work with one anxious and panic-stricken child.

Speaking Out For Women’s Mental Health

  • 8th Mar 2021
  • Tracy Jarvis

International Women’s Day arrives this year amid a crisis in women’s mental health – one that has been exacerbated by the coronavirus crisis, but has its roots in enduring gender inequality. Tracy Jarvis, Director of PESI UK and a psychotherapist specialising in trauma, explores the intensifying pressures on women’s mental health, from gender-based violence to socio-economic disparity.

Single-Session Therapy and Student Mental Health

  • 4th Mar 2021
  • Windy Dryden

Single sessions are one way of responding to the intensifying demand for student counselling. To mark University Mental Health Day, Dr Windy Dryden sets out the case for offering them, outlines the characteristics of the all-important ‘single-session mindset’, and suggests there may be more to this approach than simply reducing waiting lists.