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The Impact of Revenge Porn

  • 7th Jul 2021
  • Renée Danziger

The sharing of sexual images without consent is on the rise, including among school-age children. Renée Danziger, psychoanalyst, social scientist and author of Radical Revenge, discusses the life-changing impact of these acts, and the powerful and complex feelings we may encounter when victims of revenge porn come to therapy.

Suicidality: An IFS Perspective

  • 18th Jan 2021
  • Sue Smith

How can thinking in terms of our clients’ and our own internal parts help us work with suicidality? What ‘positive intentions’ could be at play within a client who is considering suicide? Internal Family Systems workshop facilitator and psychotherapist, Sue Smith, outlines the IFS approach, including the importance of asking each part of a suicidal client for its own story