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Children’s Mental Health Week: Creativity Conference

  • 1st Feb 2021
  • Blog Editor

Why is creativity so essential for children’s mental health? How can we support and encourage imagination and self-expression in young people? Join world leading trauma therapist Bessel van der Kolk and poet Lemn Sissay MBE at PESI UK’s joint online conference as part of Place2Be’s Children’s Mental Health Week 2021.

Interpersonal Neurobiology and the (other) 3 Rs

  • 3rd Feb 2019
  • Dan Siegel

Reading, writing and arithmetic may be the ‘three Rs’ of schooling. But when it comes to the internal education of children, we have a new set of Rs: reflective skills, relational intelligence, and resilience. Leading neuroscientist Dan Siegel is the author of several bestsellers about child and adolescent minds, and believes interpersonal neurobiology can offer profound insights for the future of young people’s mental health. Here he introduces some of the key ideas he will be presenting at February’s Developing Minds conference as part of Children’s Mental Health Week 2019.