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Loss and Gain in Lockdown Therapy with Refugees

  • 13th Jul 2020
  • Jude Boyles

Loosening boundaries, background intrusions, slow progress, physical exhaustion… and precious moments of domestic insight, laughter, and client autonomy. Jude Boyles looks back on her first 10 weeks of conducting online and phone therapy with resettled Syrian refugees.

Supporting Schools After Lockdown 2/7: Staff Mental Health

  • 12th Jun 2020
  • Emma Connor

Children don’t need their teachers to be heroes as they return to classrooms following the Covid-19 school closures. It’s much more important to be ‘good enough’. In the second part of her blog series supporting the reopening of schools, Emma Connor, child psychotherapist and director of Your Space Therapies, explains why the mental health of school staff must come first – and shares three simple ideas for helping teachers to emotionally self-regulate.

Supporting Schools After Lockdown 1/7: Rupture and Repair

  • 5th Jun 2020
  • Emma Connor

As schools begin to reopen their doors to more pupils this week, Emma Connor, child psychotherapist and director of Your Space Therapies, embarks on a vital blog series aimed at supporting children and teachers through this transition. Over the next seven Fridays, she will be introducing therapeutic ways of thinking and practical strategies that can help us all stand beside schools at this time – beginning with the opportunity, hidden within the rupture of school closures, for a profound and far-reaching experience of repair.