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Individual Therapy with the Couple in Mind 1/6: Horizontal Attachment

  • 29th Jul 2022
  • Anne Power

How do insights from couple therapy enrich work with individual clients? In her new six-part series, couples therapist, psychoanalytic psychotherapist and author Anne Power will share what she has learned about couple dynamics and suggest how these understandings and concepts can contribute to individual therapy – starting with the link between attachment strategies and escalating relationship cycles.

Holiday in Sight? Get to Work on Self-Compassion!

  • 20th Jul 2022
  • Chris Irons

Taking a holiday from client work is an important practice that many therapists have difficulty with. As the traditional August break approaches, Dr Chris Irons, a clinical psychologist, specialist in Compassion Focused Therapy and creator of the Self-Compassion App, explains how insights and tips from CFT can help therapists to prepare ourselves – as well as our clients – for holiday season.

Formulating LGBTQ+ Difficulties: Circles of Influence

  • 6th Jul 2022
  • Brendan J Dunlop

Understanding how our individual wellbeing is impacted by the people around us, and by wider systemic and structural forces, can be useful for all clients – and may be particularly powerful for LGBTQ+ individuals who experience self-blame. Brendan Dunlop, author of The Queer Mental Health Workbook, shares a conceptualisation for helping clients to understand the aetiology of some difficulties.