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Movement in Therapy: The Bodily Roots of Relating

  • 29th Jun 2022
  • Ruella Frank

If the shaping of experience in therapy is a creative act, then what part is played in this by primary and fundamental movements – both the therapist’s and the client’s? Ruella Frank is a gestalt psychotherapist, founder of the Center for Somatic Studies in NYC, and author of a new book about the bodily roots of experience. Here she explains how therapists of all modalities can begin to integrate the dynamics of movement into our work – starting by noticing our own subtle bodily engagements in the world of the session.

Working with Interpreters in Therapy

  • 20th Jun 2022
  • Jude Boyles

How can we help more refugees to access therapy? Is language really one of the biggest barriers – or is it rather our reluctance as therapists to work with interpreters? As we mark Refugee Week 2022, Refugee Council therapy service manager Jude Boyles addresses popular misconceptions about this way of conducting therapy – and shares three moving moments in which client work has been powerfully progressed by the containing partnership between therapist and interpreter.

Pre-Trial Therapy: Understanding the Revised Guidelines

  • 14th Jun 2022
  • Erene Hadjiioannou

Therapist or witness, clinical notes or criminal evidence? The Crown Prosecution Service has just revised its guidelines on pre-trial therapy, and Erene Hadjiioannou has been reading them closely. A member of an independent steering group, psychotherapist and author specialising in therapy with survivors of sexual violence, here she weighs up the implications – what’s changed, what’s been retained, and what this is likely to mean for clients’ recovery from trauma.

10 Ways to Orient Clients Towards Unconscious Feelings

  • 1st Jun 2022
  • Susan Warren Warshow

How can we help clients to access and attend to intense and difficult feelings that may be deeply buried? Susan Warren Warshow, author of The Therapist’s Handbook to Dissolve Shame and Defense and its forthcoming sequel, shares 10 ways in which we can support our clients to turn towards their unconscious affect, from clarifying the nature of feelings to expressing care for these ‘children at the door’.

Asking Clients Questions: Why We Don’t and Why We Should

  • 27th May 2022
  • Windy Dryden

Have you found yourself asking a question of your supervisor that would be better answered by your client? What blocks and gaps in competency might be at play here? Ahead of his six-month online supervision programme starting in June, Windy Dryden discusses a common experience across his decades of supervising therapists – and explains how he works with supervisees to understand and address this reticence to ask clients questions.

Therapy with Teenage Perfectionists

  • 25th May 2022
  • Jeanine Connor

Increasing numbers of young people are demanding perfection from themselves – and paying a high psychological and emotional price. Jeanine Connor, adolescent psychotherapist and author of a new book about therapy with 16 year olds, discusses the dangers of mis-labelling this presentation and the importance in therapy with teenage perfectionists of modelling imperfection and embracing mess.

Somatic-Based Interventions for Trauma Work

  • 24th May 2022
  • Arielle Schwartz

How can talk therapists integrate body-based solutions to boost the safety and effectiveness of our trauma work? Ahead of a free, live and online workshop for PESI UK this Thursday and Friday, Dr Arielle Schwartz introduces the somatic interventions that can help us move trauma clients from surviving to thriving, including addressing preverbal trauma and avoiding our own vicarious traumatisation and burnout.

Transformational Imagery 6/6: Helping Every Client Access Their Imagination

  • 20th May 2022
  • Dina Glouberman

How can we introduce image work with clients who feel out of touch with their imagination, or perhaps even doubt they have one? In the final part of her inspiring series, psychotherapist, author and transformational imagery pioneer Dr. Dina Glouberman explains how she normalises imagery, notices blocks, and invites clients to tap into this powerful catalyst for transformation that was there all along.

Transformational Imagery 5/6: Reimagining Burnout

  • 13th May 2022
  • Dina Glouberman

How can working with imagery help clients who are in danger of burnout? In the penultimate part of her series about harnessing the power of imagination, psychotherapist, author and transformational imagery pioneer Dr. Dina Glouberman discusses her work with one young man who learned to listen to his heart by exploring the image of a tree overhanging a cliff edge – and shares the two questions she always begins with when addressing potential burnout.

Being Present with Loneliness

  • 11th May 2022
  • Nigel Wellings

How can we help clients to get into relationship with their loneliness? What happens when we are able to lean into an experience of being alone? As we mark Mental Health Awareness Week 2022, psychoanalytic psychotherapist and Buddhist Nigel Wellings recalls an intense personal encounter with this often difficult emotion, and explains when and how we might bring mindful presence to experiences of loneliness.