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Train with the Leading Women in Trauma Work

Learn direct from some of the foremost female originators and innovators in trauma therapy this November at PESI UK’s international Women, Trauma and Mental Health conference.

A rare opportunity to learn and interact with some of the leading names in trauma work, PESI UK’s Women, Trauma and Mental Health conference will feature 17 live speakers across two days – all of them brilliant and inspiring women.

Who better to open the conference on November 18 than Susie Orbach? Co-founder of the Women’s Therapy Centre and author of the classic Fat is a Feminist Issue?, Susie will be mapping the landscape of women’s mental health in conversation with co-hosts Tracy Jarvis, PESI UK director and clinician, and clinical psychologist Eboni Webb.

From there, you can choose your own path through two parallel live streams of seminars with interactive Q&As – picking up the pioneering models, time-tested resources and fresh insights you need to help the individual women in your practice.

How does re-interpreting Borderline Personality Disorder as ‘traumatic attachment disorder’ change our approach? Renowned shame and complex trauma expert Janina Fisher will offer a new perspective on the high rate of BPD diagnosis among women.

What imprint does gender socialisation leave on women’s bodies and minds? Sensorimotor Psychotherapy creator Pat Ogden will explain how to target these damaging beliefs and physical habits.

Do women greave differently to men? Bestselling Grief Works author and psychotherapist Julia Samuel will explore particular issues faced by bereaved women – while Linda Thai will draw on her personal experience as a child of refugees to expand our understanding of ambiguous grief.

How can we ensure that our best and truest therapeutic tool  – our empathy and mirror neuron system – doesn’t put us at professional risk? Babette Rothschild, somatic trauma therapy pioneer, will share the theory and exercises we need to avoid vicarious trauma.

We’ll also be hearing from dissociation specialist Kathy Steele on chronic shame in survivors of sexual abuse, top yoga therapist Gail Parker on race-based traumatic stress injury, trauma researcher Ruth Lanius on gender-based violence, leading DBT trainer Eboni Webb on intersectional understandings of complex PTSD and BPD, and complex trauma expert Arielle Schwartz on helping women befriend their bodies. 

Elsewhere in the programme, we’ll be learning how to use mindfulness for post-traumatic growth with Caroline Welch, EFIT for intergenerational trauma with Leanne Campbell, IFS for pain and illness with Nancy Sowell, and Attachment-Focused EMDR with Laurel Parnell.

Drawing on the full range of women trauma pioneers’ knowledge and experience, we will also be discussing intergenerational trauma with Somatic Experiencing practitioner and holistic healer Efu Nyaki, and somatosensory approaches to trauma with psychologist and expressive arts therapist Cathy Malchiodi

Afterwards, you can catch up with recordings of the alternative seminars as well as additional sessions with Judith Herman, developer of the complex PTSD diagnosis, leading researcher in the neuroscience of trauma, Dr Rachel Yehuda, and a moving personal address from Baroness Floella Benjamin

Trauma therapy with women is a tale of tremendous hurt and of powerful hope. This international conference has been designed to help us learn all about women’s pain and women’s strength – in the company of women with decades’ worth of clinical knowledge and experience in transforming one into the other. 

Click here to register for the Women, Trauma and Mental Health conference and for full programme details. Available with an Early Bird Saving for a limited time £799 value for only £199.


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