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The Whole Woman, the Whole Context: What We’ll Learn at PESI UK’s Women, Trauma and Mental Health Conference

What can we do to help women befriend their bodies? How might we invite self-disclosure around race-based trauma? What are the latest insights into traumatic grief? How can we be truly present with our female clients – while avoiding vicarious trauma? Join world-leading trauma innovators live and online from November 18-19 to get the whole picture on women and trauma.

The more we learn about working with women and trauma, the more we understand about interconnectedness: our minds and bodies – our inner and outer worlds – our own pain and that of our mothers, our grandmothers, our wider social groups and communities – our multiple intersecting identities – our unconscious processes and those of our clients. 

While our traumatised clients are experiencing profound intra and interpersonal disconnection, trauma research is guiding us, as practitioners, to connect, to combine and to contextualise.

So this month, PESI UK’s Women, Trauma and Mental Health Conference is dedicated to bringing us the whole picture. 

Drawing together some of the leading names in contemporary psychotherapy, including Susie Orbach, Pat Ogden, Janina Fisher, Babette Rothschild, Kathy Steele, Julia Samuel and Gail Parker, this live and online international event will ensure the traumatised women we work with are benefitting from the very latest insights and approaches – from IFS, EFIT and DBT to EMDR, sensorimotor psychotherapy, mindfulness and therapeutic yoga.

Between them, these pioneering practitioners will cover key topics including sexual abuse, grief, gender-based violence, race-based stress, pain and illness, traumatic homesickness, historical and intergenerational trauma, compassion fatigue and post-traumatic growth. 

We will learn how trauma impacts the whole woman – and which cognitive, emotional, relational and somatic interventions can help us to resolve shame, restore intuition and repair even very early traumatic wounds. 

We will discover how isolating trauma from its social, cultural and historical contexts can result in women being stereotyped, pathologised and revictimised – and find out how to target the profound legacies of gender socialisation and transform transgenerational trauma. 

And we will consider the role of the whole therapist in trauma work – including how we can be truly present with our traumatised clients in body, mind, emotion and spirit, while avoiding compassion fatigue and burnout.

From the real roots of BPD to the neurobiological impact of gender-based violence, from the cultural messages that maintain shame around sex and the body to the relationship between stress, trauma and women’s health, this international conference will give us the breadth of skills and depth of knowledge we need to help the traumatised women we work with towards health and wholeness. 

Click here to register for the Women, Trauma and Mental Health conference and for full programme details. Available with an Early Bird Saving for a limited time £799 value for only £199.

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