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Body Image Issues 5/5: The Nervous System

  • 29th Jan 2021
  • Nicole Schnackenberg

A narrowed Window of Tolerance is typical in clients who are struggling with food and body image issues. In the final blog of her essential series, psychologist, psychotherapist and author Dr Nicole Schnackenberg shares tools for helping clients to soothe and regulate their physiological systems – paving the way for deeper emotional exploration, and leaving damaging safety behaviours behind.

Transgenerational Trauma: A Personal Account

  • 22nd Jan 2021
  • Helena Hargaden

Many of our clients may be bearing the wounds of history without knowing it. To coincide with Holocaust Memorial Day, relational transactional analyst Dr Helena Hargaden shares her own experience of unconscious transgenerational trauma, and reflects on the transformative power of her Jungian analysis with a Rabbi.

Body Image Issues 4/5: The Sensory System

  • 22nd Jan 2021
  • Nicole Schnackenberg

We experience the world through at least eight senses, all of which impact on how we notice and process our emotional states. In the penultimate blog of her series on working with clients who struggle with food and body image issues, psychologist, psychotherapist and author Dr Nicole Schnackenberg draws on Polyvagal and attachment theory to explain how sensory profiling can help.

Suicidality: An IFS Perspective

  • 18th Jan 2021
  • Sue Smith

How can thinking in terms of our clients’ and our own internal parts help us work with suicidality? What ‘positive intentions’ could be at play within a client who is considering suicide? Internal Family Systems workshop facilitator and psychotherapist, Sue Smith, outlines the IFS approach, including the importance of asking each part of a suicidal client for its own story

Body Image Issues 3/5: Sense of Self

  • 14th Jan 2021
  • Nicole Schnackenberg

At the heart of eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder lies a desperate striving to feel worthy of love. Continuing her series on body image issues, Dr Nicole Schnackenberg, psychologist, psychotherapist and author of False Bodies, True Selves, discusses how to work with a client’s false and fragmented sense of self.

Hope in Therapy

  • 11th Jan 2021
  • Denis O'Hara

What place does hope occupy in therapy? What about during a global pandemic? As we look to the year ahead, Professor of Counselling Dr Denis O’Hara discusses the nature of hope, its power to shape our futures, and the role therapists can play in helping clients to discover, uncover, or even create their own hopes.

Body Image Issues 2/5: Shame

  • 8th Jan 2021
  • Nicole Schnackenberg

When a feeling of being ‘bad at one’s core’ gets projected onto our physical appearance, no amount of weight loss or cosmetic surgery will ‘fix’ us. Dr Nicole Schnackenberg, psychologist, psychotherapist, specialist in body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) and author of False Bodies, True Selves, continues her blog series with a consideration of the role of shame in eating disorders and BDD.

Racism and Therapy: Committing to Change in 2021

  • 5th Jan 2021
  • Anthea Benjamin

What will the therapy profession do in this new year to ensure it stays awake to the reality of racism? What can individuals do to contribute to collective change? After a year of talking and training around these issues, Arts Psychotherapist, Adolescent Counsellor and Group Analyst Anthea Benjamin reflects on ‘black fatigue’ and Brené Brown’s notion of vulnerability in leadership – and shares some ways in which we can all become engaged with power issues and work towards the decolonisation of therapy.