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Working with Avoidant Attachment: Self-Narrative and Defences

  • 23rd Feb 2021
  • Linda Cundy

How can we support highly defended clients to explore the past and their internal worlds? In her seventh blog about working with avoidant attachment, Attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist Linda Cundy looks at constructing meaningful self-narratives and encountering defences – including the common defence of over-identifying with caregivers

What do Care Experienced Children Need From Me?

  • 19th Feb 2021
  • Sheetal Amin

Today is Care Day, when the world marks the rights of children and young people with care experience. Sheetal Amin, a psychotherapist with a special interest in working with developmental trauma and ‘looked after’ children, explains why responding to their complex needs has to mean adapting the boundaries of the therapeutic frame.

Kitchen Therapy: From Nursing Couple to Kitchen Table

  • 16th Feb 2021
  • Charlotte Hastings

Cooking can offer a deep connection with our early childhood experience. In her second blog about her Kitchen Therapy practice, Charlotte Hastings traces our relationship with food back to the ‘nursing couple’, explaining how our kitchen habits offer insights into our ways of relating, and why cooking is such a powerful opportunity for self-care.

Pandemic-Related Trauma: Helping Clients Feel Safe

  • 11th Feb 2021
  • Dan Roberts

How can we support clients who are struggling with trauma, whether new or historic, during the coronavirus crisis? Schema therapist Dan Roberts discusses threat-system activation, nervous-system dysregulation and maladaptive schemas, and shares his favourite technique for helping clients to create a felt sense of safety.

Safeguarding Children in the Therapeutic Process

  • 5th Feb 2021
  • Gretchen Precey

What are some of the specific dilemmas faced by therapists in safeguarding the children and young people with whom they work? As we mark the end of Children’s Mental Health Week 2021, independent social worker Gretchen Precey embarks on an occasional blog addressing some of the common questions and dilemmas that arise in her counsellor trainings and consultation sessions.

Creative Therapy with Children Seeking Asylum

  • 4th Feb 2021
  • Sheetal Amin

The universal languages of play and creativity can be crucial to work with unaccompanied minors who have arrived in the UK seeking asylum. As we mark Children’s Mental Health Week 2021, with its theme of ‘Express Yourself’, Integrative Arts Therapist Sheetal Amin invites us to listen to some of the experiences these children share with her – and reflects on the role of creative practice in helping them externalise and make sense of their trauma.  

Supporting Young Schoolchildren: Creative Approaches

  • 3rd Feb 2021
  • Anna Atkinson

How can we help children find safety, feel grounded, and express themselves during the Covid outbreak? As we mark Children’s Mental Health Week, arts counsellor Anna Atkinson shares useful creative approaches from her work in a primary school inclusion team – and reflects on when a simple online game might actually be the best intervention.

Creative Meetings: Inclusive Practice with Young People

  • 2nd Feb 2021
  • Anthea Benjamin

If we are to work inclusively with young people, then truly creative practice may mean therapy in a football court or on a street corner rather than in a room packed with art materials. As part of Children’s Mental Health Week, Arts Psychotherapist, Adolescent Counsellor and Group Analyst Anthea Benjamin reflects on the importance of meeting children where they really are.

Children’s Mental Health Week: Creativity Conference

  • 1st Feb 2021
  • Blog Editor

Why is creativity so essential for children’s mental health? How can we support and encourage imagination and self-expression in young people? Join world leading trauma therapist Bessel van der Kolk and poet Lemn Sissay MBE at PESI UK’s joint online conference as part of Place2Be’s Children’s Mental Health Week 2021.