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How CFT can help clients survive Christmas

  • 21st Dec 2021
  • John-Paul Davies

Compassion Focused Therapy isn’t just for Christmas. But its identification of the ‘threat’, ‘drive’ and ‘contentment’ systems, and emphasis on empathy and compassion, can certainly help clients to navigate festive time with the family when tensions are running high. Psychotherapist, life coach and author John-Paul Davies shares some CFT survival strategies for the Christmas dinner table.

Advanced Integrative Therapy for Dissociative Identity Disorder 3/5: A Six-Year-Old Part

  • 20th Dec 2021
  • Gill Frost

To what part of our clients do which traumatic memories belong? How might we devise age-appropriate ways of working with an adult client’s child part? Continuing her blog series on energy therapy for dissociative identity disorder, therapist and author Gill Frost describes how she adapted Advanced Integrative Therapy to her client’s six-year-old alter – from agreeing an accessible measure of distress levels to playing a healing game of Simple Simon Says.

Supervision Since Covid: Have Your Needs Changed?

  • 14th Dec 2021
  • Kate Dunn

Are our supervision arrangements keeping pace with rapid changes in how we practice? Following her previous blog about offering blended or hybrid approaches, Kate Dunn, a psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer who has been practising online since 2008, suggests some ways in which our supervision relationships, and requirements, may be shifting in the wake of Covid.

Advanced Integrative Therapy for Dissociative Identity Disorder 2/5: Working with the Body

  • 10th Dec 2021
  • Gill Frost

A gentle but powerful energy therapy for working with the effects of trauma, Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) helped Gill Frost to transform the life of her first client with dissociative identity disorder (DID). In the second part of her blog series, the author of The Girls Within outlines the basic principles of this initially ‘strange sounding’ therapy, including the role of treatment phrases and muscle testing in targeting deeply embodied trauma.

Holding Risk on the Brink of System Collapse

  • 7th Dec 2021
  • Jude Boyles

How can we continue to hold risk when so many clients are in crisis, and when under-resourced support and emergency services appear on the brink of collapse? Jude Boyles, manager of a Refugee Council therapy service, shares the mounting – and perhaps familiar – pressures being experienced by her team, and explores what we can do to contain clients and colleagues in a world where ambulances may never arrive.

Advanced Integrative Therapy for Dissociative Identity Disorder 1/5: Understanding DID

  • 3rd Dec 2021
  • Gill Frost

There may be more people in the UK with dissociative identity disorder than with a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Yet core therapy trainings rarely cover DID, which is often misdiagnosed and frequently misunderstood. In the first part of a new blog series aimed at developing awareness, therapist and author Gill Frost introduces DID as a natural defence mechanism in response to extreme childhood trauma and abuse – and shares her reaction when an adult client’s young ‘alter’ first came out of hiding.