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PESI UK Announces Women, Trauma and Mental Health Master Series Conference

How does trauma impact women? How can we support them to recover and to thrive? Learn from the leading female voices in trauma therapy as PESI UK announces a live and online Women, Trauma and Mental Health Master Series Conference. Subtitled ‘Empowering Women with the Skills and Insight to Thrive’, the two-day event will bring together pioneering women in the field of trauma work, including Pat Ogden, Janina Fisher, Kathy Steele, Judith Herman and Babette Rothschild, sharing clinical insights from neuroscience and attachment research to resilience training and body work.

At a time when gender equality is being dealt multiple blows, women are also finding ways to use their strength like never before. Inspiring female trauma survivors are all around us, from the wake of #MeToo to the vanguard of the Black Lives Matter movement. And of course, women continue to make critical headway and have a powerful clinical impact in the therapy profession.

So many of our female clients have quietly carried the burden of past hurt, trauma, harassment and abuse. How can we make sure we are doing our very best for the survivors of sexual abuse, domestic violence and other traumas?

How can we help the women in our consulting rooms not just to recover from trauma, but to thrive?

And how can we look after our own mental health while engaged in this most deep, delicate and demanding of clinical work?  

Announced today, PESI UK’s forthcoming Women, Trauma and Mental Health Master Series Conference will be a chance to absorb the latest advances in this area from the pioneering women practitioners who laid the foundations of contemporary trauma work.

You’ll learn direct from the elders in the field: Pat Ogden on the ‘somatic narrative’ of trauma, Janina Fisher on repairing ruptured internal attachments, Kathy Steele on advances in trauma-related dissociation, Judith Herman on the place of social justice in recovering from complex trauma, and Babette Rothschild on regulation, self-care and vicarious trauma.

You’ll also find out how to foster resilience with Linda Graham, and how to promote calm through embodied practices with Arielle Schwartz.

You'll pick up strategies for incorporating expressive arts techniques into trauma work with Cathy Malchiodi. 

And there's a bonus programme, too, featuring Gail Parker on mind-body recovery from race-based traumatic stress.

We will also be presenting two lively panel debates on the topics of post-traumatic growth and collective trauma, the latter featuring  DBT specialist Eboni Webb and mental health nurse and forensic psychotherapist Anne Aiyegbusi, PhD.

The Women, Trauma and Mental Health Master Series Conference will kick off at 12noon on November 5, when PESI UK director Tracy Jarvis will be in conversation with preeminent British psychotherapist and author Julia Samuel, sharing inspiring tales of crisis and change from her consulting room.

Just as the pandemic hit this Spring, Julia published her latest book, under the more-than-timely title, This Too Shall Pass: Stories of Change, Crisis and Hopeful Beginnings. In this volatile cultural moment for women’s mental health and wellbeing, this conference will give you the skills and insights to help the women trauma survivors in your consulting room locate their own path from crisis to positive change.   

The PESI UK Women, Trauma and Mental health: empowering women with the skills and insight  to thrive​​​ will take place from 5-6 November. Visit this page for the full line-up and details of how to register.


Tracy Jarvis

Tracy Jarvis is the Director of PESI UK and is a UKCP registered Psychotherapist in private practice. She specialises in trauma, stress and neuroscience.

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