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The Chronic Fatigue Enigma - 1/2

  • 8th May 2019
  • Tom Warnecke

Chronic fatigue is still vastly misunderstood – and psychotherapy is a significant culprit. To mark ME Awareness Week, somatic-relational psychotherapist Tom Warnecke busts some myths with a two-part blog on working with chronic immunological and neurological diseases. Today, he outlines treatment approaches, and considers how misconceptions about chronic fatigue can impact the therapeutic alliance. Tomorrow, he will discuss implications for meaning making and the therapeutic frame.

Creativity and Trauma - 5/5

  • 3rd May 2019
  • Sarah Van Gogh

Creativity is an energy that is available to all of us. Making room for a song, poem or image in a session can help us out of therapeutic ruts, turbo-boost clinical work, and gently assist traumatised clients to unfreeze their unconscious. So, asks Sarah Van Gogh in the final part of her blog series on creativity and trauma – wouldn’t we be foolish not to invite its healing power into the consulting room, whatever our therapeutic modality?

Why Pregnancy Matters

  • 1st May 2019
  • Sue Gerhardt

A pregnant woman doesn’t just share her body with the growing baby – she shares her state of mind. To mark the start of Maternal Mental Health Month, Sue Gerhardt, psychoanalytic psychotherapist and author of the landmark Why Love Matters, explains why supporting pregnant women is vital for the physical and psychological wellbeing of the next generation.