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Episode 6 - Towards Bicultural Competence - beyond black and white

This weeks podcast features a talk given by Gloria Gordon who is a lecturer at Southbank University, founder of the Centre for British African-Caribbean Studies and author of 'Towards Bicultural Competence - Beyond Black and White'.

Gloria Gordon's talk is about her psychological journey and her educational enquiry towards becoming more fully human. She has interesting things to say about the term 'Black Culture' and calls herself British African Caribbean which describes that she has been influenced and shaped by these cultures. At the beginning of her working life Gloria did everything to fit in, she had all the qualifications, and still she was struggling with what it means to be black. So started her journey.
Centre for British African-Caribbean Studies -

Listen here to the podcast.

Towards Bicultural Competence - Beyond Black and White, G Gordon, 2007, Trentham Books Ltd.


The Black and Asian Therapist Network

The BAATN Network seeks to reflect the many who are committed, passionate and actively engaged in addressing the psychological needs of black and Asian people in the UK. It is run by Eugene Ellis. Learn more about BAATN and go to their website.

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