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Michael Soth on continuing development in an ‘impossible profession’?

  • 30th Jun 2013
  • Michael Soth

When counselling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and associated disciplines are called 'impossible professions', this is often understood as a tongue-in-cheek conversational quip, a collective exclamation of mock exasperation: "What can you do? It’s impossible!” - and then we continue as before...

Dr Aaron Balick on The Digital Economy of Recognition: the psychology of the socially networked self

  • 30th Jun 2013
  • Aaron Balick

This is a longtime adage often applied to the current state of the digital world where so much appears to be free, but this is only because the price tags are hidden from view. Whether it be Google Search, G-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or the very WordPress blog you are reading, the service is free, so where’s the catch? One of the catches is obvious and has been the source of so much news lately: privacy.

Professor Andrew Samuels on new developments in the Post-Jungian field

  • 10th Jun 2013
  • Andrew Samuels

In university settings, it is my habit to begin lectures on analytical psychology, especially to those not taking degrees in Jungian psychology, by asking those present to do a simple association exercise to the word "Jung." I ask them to record the first three things that come to mind.

Episode 6 - Towards Bicultural Competence - beyond black and white

  • 1st Jun 2013
  • The Black and Asian Therapist Network

This weeks podcast features a talk given by Gloria Gordon who is a lecturer at Southbank University, founder of the Centre for British African-Caribbean Studies and author of 'Towards Bicultural Competence - Beyond Black and White'.

Episode 7 - Defeating domestic violence

  • 1st Jun 2013
  • The Black and Asian Therapist Network

In this podcast counsellor, trainer and consultant Luke Daniels speaks passionately and knowledgeably about working with perpetrators of domestic violence.