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The bringing together of spiritual values with sound clinical skills is central to Re-Vision's mission. Openness, honesty, clarity, beauty and tolerance are values that ReVision is committed to putting into practice.

The essence of our identity as a community is to embody care, integrity and meaning both in our work with individuals and in our efforts to reach out and have an influence on the larger society.

  • we recognise that counselling and therapy function within a social and political context that can be forgotten in the consulting room
  • we seek to honour the political reality alongside the psychological
  • we temper high ideals with knowledge of the shadow side of the human psyche and the need for grounded practice
  • we try to model what we teach and be open to re-vision ourselves in the light of new perspectives and feedback.



Psychotherapy Diploma (2 years part time)

Re-Vision's UKCP Accredited Psychotherapy Diploma  in Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapy: Applications are now invited for our next two-year part-time post-qualifying training course starting in September 2018.  The training is a creative, contemporary approach to psychotherapy, integrating the latest neuroscientific, trauma, ecopsychology and attachment based thinking with Archetypal, Post-Jungian and Transpersonal perspectives. For graduates of our counselling training, the Psychotherapy training is the final two years of a five year training. We invite applications both from graduates of Re-Vision’s counselling diploma or those who have qualified elsewhere. The price quoted is for the first year of the course and includes residential costs.


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Open Days

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