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Freud an Introduction to his work and key ideas with Sophia Ploumaki - Online Workshop

Freud’s ideas have permeated our everyday lives. We find him referenced on TV, in movies, in literature. But who was he and what did he really say? Are his ideas relevant to us now or have we moved on? 

During this workshop we will explore the basic key psychoanalytic theory of unconscious, theory of dreams and sexuality, think about the theory of errors and try to understand Freud’s contribution to human inter-relational conduct in society. 

Workshop Aims

By the end of the session you will have: 

  1. Gained in depth understanding of the psychic mechanisms of forgetfulness. 
  2. Some insight relating to working with trauma in clinical settings. 
  3. Developed some understanding of the theory of neurosis.
  4. Be able to think about the connection between trauma, birth and personality.  

Sophia Ploumaki is a group psychotherapist and organisational consultant workings within NHS complex systems of care. She is a UKCP and ISPSO clinical registrar and she has been a seminar leader on the WPF Therapy Foundation Certificate in Counselling Skills. Sophia currently works as a senior operational leader within the NHS and as a clinical director in cases of historical child abuse. She is an experienced organisational consultant who uses systems psychodynamic approaches to understand human systems of coupled integrated clinical pathways.