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Let’s talk about… Online Therapy - Online Event

This workshop will be delivered via Zoom online.

Why do this workshop? 

We’ve all had to move online. Zoom has changed the face of therapy today. Have we just don’t this because of Covid, or is it something that we are going to continue with post-pandemic. Is online therapy here to stay? Is it something you enjoy, want to learn more about, or is it something you want to drop as soon as possible. 

This workshop offers an opportunity to learn, share and explore some of the dilemmas, difficulties, opportunities and surprises around working online for both clinician and patient with fellow psychotherapists and counsellors. 

This workshop will be a discussion around working online psychodynamically – working with unconscious processes including interpretation, transference dynamics, fantasy, enactments and containment in the presence of the ‘machine’ and the physical absence of the body.  

Workshop Aims

By the end of the workshop you can expect: 

  1. Consideration of issues around working therapeutically online. 
  2. An exploration of some off the issues, dilemmas and opportunities of providing psychotherapy and counselling online. 
  3. A shared range of experiences of providing psychotherapy and counselling online. 
  4. Increased confidence and competence in working without the physical framework of a physical consulting room. 


This workshop will start with a short intro, then following with two presentations from the tutors. All the participants will then move into separate discussions, ending with group discussions facilitated by the tutors. 

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