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Foundation Course in Play Therapy 2020

Experiential Workshops

These workshops over 20 weeks will be facilitated by a qualified and experienced BAPT-registered Play Therapist. Experiential activities form the core of the course, providing students with an opportunity to explore and reflect on the process of Play Therapy on a personal level. Connections and links will be made to the theories that underpin Play Therapy as this emerges from the practical component, enabling students to learn from theory that directly relates to their experience. Please note that whilst the emphasis of the workshops is on an educational not a therapeutic experience, students should be aware of potential tensions between their personal and professional responses and should be prepared for a degree of self-exposure.

Seminars and Lectures

The seminars and lectures are integrated into the workshop experiences. Each workshop will be part experiential play therapy and part seminar/lecture. The seminars will often comprise presentations of clinical / therapeutic work and opportunity for group discussions. Visiting experts from different fields will lead seminars/lectures on particular specialist areas of play therapy practice.


Students will be expected to keep a Reflective Log of their experiences while on the course which constitutes a record of their personal psychological journey including photographs of images created in the experiential workshops. As such the Log itself will be a highly personal manuscript and will not be assessed. In the last workshop of the course students will present a dramatised, artistic or narrative Story of this journey to share with the class. The Journey Story will be approximately 3 minutes long and may be presented in the play media of the student's choice.

Successful completion of the course requires a minimum attendance of 80% and a satisfactory final Journey Story. A certificate of attendance will be awarded. This will not automatically ensure a student’s entry to the Roehampton University MA in Play Therapy; however, individuals considering applying for Professional training are encouraged to complete a Foundation Course.

A programme of experiential workshops led by the course facilitators and seminars given by visiting Play Therapists from a wide range of fields.

One full-day Induction (Saturday) and introductory workshop to begin the course to be held in October 2020 with weekly evening classes to follow; finishing with a full Plenary Day to close in March 2021.