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Eco Anxiety and Grief in Psychotherapy with Caroline Hickman - Online Workshop

This workshop will be delivered via Zoom online.

This workshop is part of WPF Therapy’s 2020-2021 CPD Programme themed around ‘The World We Live In.’

We are seeing increased psychological distress such as eco-anxiety, depression, and grief as we become more aware of environmental problems. How do we work with this in the consulting room? During this workshop we will explore these emergent problems in our psychotherapy practice. We will look at this both theoretically and practically through a climate crisis lens; and develop practical ideas of how to work imaginally with these concerns through art and stories.

Children and young people are increasingly anxious about the state of the world we are living in, they need help to navigate this, and their parents need support in knowing how to parent their children through these changing and difficult times. We will also explore how these crises are having an increased impact on couples and families and how to navigate this in practice as well as how to support people engaged in direct work or campaigning in these fields such as climate activists, conservationists and climate scientists.

We will also make space to examine the connection between climate or eco-anxiety and the distress caused by the COVID virus. This is increasingly important and we will explore the interrelationship between these and examine how to address both in psychotherapy practice.