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Aspergers in the Bedroom


The Workshop:

Asperger Syndrome in the Bedroom: A one day workshop aimed at professionals working with individuals affected by Asperger syndrome. The aim of the workshop is to increase the understanding of this complex disorder and develop useful methods and strategies for working with individuals and couples affected by Asperger syndrome

Workshops are interactive and offer a balanced combination of activities, learning and discussion. The workshop is sensitively paced to meet individual needs and there will be time allowed for having questions answered.

Objectives: To increase understanding of how being affected by Asperger syndrome (AS) will impact on an adult and the sexual side of the couple relationship.


  • Understand the facts behind Asperger syndrome
  • Understand what is meant by Theory of mind, Meltdown and mindreading
  • To appreciate the relevance of sensory sensitivity and it’s impact.
  • To understand how both partners in a couple relationship will be affected.
  • To practice role plays in Communication.
  • To look at case studies.
  • To have knowledge of tools and strategies that may help the couple to discuss feelings, emotions and sex.

Course structure: Discussions/PowerPoint/video/role play/exercises

Aimed at: Psychosexual therapists, counsellors, psychologists who might find themselves working with individuals and couples affected by Asperger syndrome

The Trainer:

Maxine Aston has an MSc in Health Psychology and has worked as an BACP accredited counsellor for many years. Maxine is also qualified as a supervisor and a teacher in Adult Education. Maxine runs her own Counselling Centre where she specialises in working with individuals, couples and families affected by Asperger syndrome, she has specialised in this area since 1998. Maxine is one of the few professionals working with adults in relationships and is the author of five books on this topic. Maxine’s book ‘The Other Half of Asperger Syndrome’ was the first book published on relationships when one partner has Asperger Syndrome. Maxine is presently writing a sixth book and is conducting research with Professor Tony Attwood into couple counselling and Asperger Syndrome. Maxine has been running workshops both in Scotland and England for twenty years. In addition, Maxine’s workshops, for partners that live with a person with Asperger syndrome, have been highly successful and attended by participants from all over the world.

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