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Maggie Kline – Trauma Through a Childs Eyes

Trauma Through a Childs Eyes

Maggie Kline, Family Therapist, School Psychologist, Somatic Experiencing

International Faculty Member and co-author with Peter Levine of ‘Trauma through a Child’s Eyes’ and ‘Trauma-Proofing Your Kids’ presents:

A 3-day workshop to teach professionals how to help children reorganize and rebalance the autonomic nervous system at the biological/survival level after being overwhelmed following a traumatic or stressful event(s). Maggie will teach participants how to use games, play activities and art integrated with the fundamentals and through the lens of Somatic Experiencing to facilitate change, restore protective/defensive impulses and to increase the capacity for healthy social engagement.

This Workshop Features:

  • Ages and Stages of Development from a Somatic Perspective
  • Repair of Early Trauma and Attachment to Facilitate Self-
  • Regulation through Social Engagement
  • Activities to Promote Grounding, Sensory Awareness and
  • Tracking Skills with Children and Teens
  • Integrating Principles of SE with Art Activities to Promote Safety,
  • Titration and Pendulation
  • Turning Games into SE Activities with Charge/Discharge Cycles that Assist Kids with Tracking, Orienting, Fight/Flight, Boundary- Setting, Settling and Integrating their Arousal States
  • Working with Sexual Trauma & Medical Trauma
  • Teach Games and Activities Used in Post-Disaster Settings

Material is useful for professionals who wish to integrate the core concepts of SE when working with kids, as well, as those wishing to deepen their understanding of inner child work with adults. The format for learning will be a mixture of lecture, video material, and experiential activities.

This workshop is designed to teach you new skills while having fun!!!

About Maggie

Maggie Kline has been a marriage, family and child therapist for almost 30 years and is a retired school psychologist. She uses Somatic Experiencing with individual and couple’s psychotherapy. She also integrates S.E. with art, dream work and play when working with children and teens. Maggie is a senior Somatic Experiencing instructor teaching internationally. She also created “SE for Kids” and “Conscious Connections” workshops for professionals who help children.

Maggie co-authored ‘It Won’t Hurt Forever-- Guiding Your Child through Trauma’ (Mothering Magazine, Jan-Feb 2002), and ‘Trauma through a Child’s Eyes--Awakening the Ordinary Miracle of Healing’ (North Atlantic, 2007)—both with Dr. Peter Levine.

Their latest book, ‘Trauma Proofing Your Kids—A Parents’ Guide to Instilling Confidence, Joy and Resilience’ was released in March 2008.

Cost and Booking

The cost of the weekend with Maggie is £575. If you book before 31st May 2020 the price is £510.