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Intergenerational Trauma, with particular focus on black identity wounding with Dr Aileen Alleyne

Intergenerational trauma is a form of historical trauma that affects many people or even an entire generation. The collective trauma is transferred from the first generation of trauma survivors to the second and further generations of off-springs of the survivors. These effects are passed on via complex post-traumatic stress disorder mechanisms, which can be psychological, physical, mental and spiritual. Commonly cited examples of historical trauma include, the Holocaust and African Slavery, but famine, natural disaster, war, terrorism, and displacement, can also produce similar effects of intergenerational trauma. As clinicians we may struggle to understand the part that history plays for our clients. This workshop is an opportunity to explore how history still plays a part in creating ongoing challenges for our cultural, social and racial identity. Our history is deeply embedded in the unconscious and understanding the impact of this phenomenon can help facilitate awareness of and insight into struggles that clients bring into the consulting room. The workshop will be facilitated with a particular focus on black identity wounding, will also provide a space to increase and deepen cross-cultural competence in this area of clinical practice.

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