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Breaking the Cycles of the Past Helping clients address the impact of Inter and Transgenerational Trauma

A 2 hour ZOOM counselling CPD workshop

The workshop:

The interplay between *transgenerational* (historical/societal) trauma and *intergenerational* (family trauma/traumatic attachments) affect many people and even entire generations. The collective trauma is transferred from the first generation to the second and further generations of off-springs. These trauma effects are passed on via complex post-traumatic stress disorder mechanisms, which can be psychological, physical, mental and spiritual. Common examples of historical trauma include, the Holocaust and African Slavery, but famine, natural disaster, war, terrorism, and displacement, can also produce similar effects of intergenerational trauma. Our identity and evolving sense of self are profoundly shaped by our histories.

The trainer

Dr Aileen Alleyne is a UKCP registered psychodynamic psychotherapist, clinical supervisor and organisational consultant. In addition to running her private practice in East Sussex and South East London, she is a visiting lecturer at several training institutions and a consultant on issues of race and cultural diversity within various workplace settings, such as, the NHS, Social Services, Education and the Police Services.