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Beyond Psychoanalysis: The working of values in ethics and religion with David Black Online

This lecture will be delivered via Zoom online.

Time to move on.   

The inner world of a human being develops as it comes to be recognised. The process is necessarily circular. “We are creatures who, for our very existence, depend on concepts that depend on us,” as Jonathan Lear says in his book Wisdom Won from Illness: Essays in Philosophy and Psychoanalysis (Harvard University Press 2017). It matters greatly, therefore, what concepts we encounter, and how those concepts are regarded. In the case of ethics and religion, psychoanalysis adopted ideas current in Freud’s day, and it has been reluctant to let go of them.  In his lecture David Black will suggest that we now have access to larger and more illuminating ideas, derived in particular from the thought of Emmanuel Levinas and the psychoanalyst Hans Loewald, and for the sake both of our culture in general, and of psychoanalysis in particular, it is important that we move on. 


David M. Black is a Fellow of the British Psychoanalytic Society who has published widely on psychoanalytic, ethical and religious issues. He edited Psychoanalysis and Religion in the 21st Century (Routledge New Library of Psychoanalysis 2006) and is author of Why Things Matter (Routledge 2011). His initial psychotherapy training was at WPF, of which he wrote an early history, A Place for Exploration (WPF, 1991).

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