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Attachment in a time of C-19 how is the lockdown impacting relationships?

A 3 hour ZOOM workshop with Anne Power Please note events are live stream only they are not recorded

Fear and illness are two of the key triggers to our attachment system, prompting us to seek proximity with our attachment figure. This workshop will explore how attachment behaviour may look in a 2020 pandemic and how we can best help clients who are living through this. Within the same family the experience may range from one member being jobless and bored, to another being an over-stretched key worker. We will use images to help us reflect on the new currents of experience arising in both our clients and ourselves. In a three hour event we will move quite fast through these topics. Annie will make this online event as interactive as possible – inviting participants to use the chat function to feed in questions and comments throughout.

• How different is the impact of the pandemic across different attachment groupings?

• How do people of each attachment pattern adapt to online relating?

• How do couples and families at different ages and stages cope?

• How do singles cope with dating?

• How are we, with our different attachment styles, feeling about our Zoom relationships with clients?

The trainer:

Anne Power has qualifications from The Bowlby Centre, Westminster Pastoral Foundation, Tavistock Relationships and Relate. She has taught on supervision and therapy trainings at The Bowlby Centre, WPF and at Regents University London and has a private practice in central London for both couples and individuals. Her book, Forced Endings in Psychotherapy, explores the process of closing a practice for retirement or other reasons. Her published papers explore attachment meaning in the consulting room and in the supervision relationship. She is currently researching and writing about logic versus magic in partner choice: random romance, arranged marriage, and dating sites – what’s the difference?