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The 5th EFT International Summer School, FROM SHATTERED ATTACHMENT TO RECOVERY AND GROWTH, EFT-Trained Cohort

This exceptional Conference, the 5th EFT International Summer School, gathers the best names in the field of Emotionally Focused Therapy approach, attending both to the needs of therapists new to the model (EFT-Newcomers Cohort) and EFT psychotherapists wishing to enrich their practice by learning more and at a deeper level about various clinical topics (EFT-Trained Cohort).

Dr Sue Johnson, founder of EFT model, will give a talk on the Future of Psychotherapy on the 2nd July (live webinar with Q&As from participants).

A copy of the very 1st edition of Sue Johnson innovative book "Attachment Theory in Practice. EFT with Individuals, Couples and Families" for every participant!

Open to all practicing clinicians working with couples and individuals, psychotherapists, psychologists, ​social workers, counsellors, including those in training, UK and International.

EFT-Trained Cohort Presentations:

*** Fighting for Connection. EFT and Intimate Partner Violence *** with Leiven Migerode, EFT Trainer and supervisor and Jef Slootmaeckers, EFT supervisor, Belgium.

*** The Future of Psychotherapy. Attachment Science in Action.*** with Dr Due Johnson, Founder of EFT model, professor and researcher (live webinar with Q&As from participants).

*** Fostering secure Attachment: Working with Addictions in EFT *** with Michael Barnett, MA, Ed.S, LPC, EFT Trainer, USA.

Each training day will include Didactic presentations, experiential exercises, role plays, skills and intervention demonstrations by the trainers, video clips of real couple sessions with live commentaries from trainers and interactive group learning.

'Get to Know You and Me!' - Thursday the 2nd or Friday the 3rd July Much-loved networking evening of Conversation, Connection and Fun!

Selection of Testimonials from the participants of the past EFT International Schools 2016-2019

"Tons of knowledge from Presenters, felt sense of the material, not just in the head, but in the Heart!" | "Very empowering to see Lorrie working, in her videos, Live session and with an escalated couple" | "What a gift of great learning to see Jim and Lorrie, Therapists from Heaven, working with an escalated Couple from Hell!" | "Superb presenters... Excellent choice of topics, valuable insights..." | "Very stimulating, diverse, engaging, inspiring, challenging, want more..." "Gulya's succinct overview - touching on attachment theory, the EFT model, Stages and steps, through the interventions which feels like I want, and dare, to use in the very next session..." "Gulya, How did you manage to deliver all this valuable and vulnerable material in a package that was so understandable and useful from the start? ...And seem so 'effortless' and natural when you do it!" | "Thank you for organising it. Very, Very worth the time and expense, Highly informative" | "Could not be higher!!! Very stimulating and diverse. Looking forward to the next year event already!" | "Great mix of topics & each of them left me wanting to learn more. Lovely to connect with other EFTers from all over the world!" | "Absolutely excellent! So very practically helpful. (used it in a session with a couple that evening!) Super-useful!" | "An ambitious venture - well planned, well executed and well staged. Congratulations!!!"