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Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy with Anna Bravesmith

5 hours CPD

Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT) has been developed by Alessandra Lemma, Mary Target and Peter Fonagy as a model of brief psychodynamic therapy and is used for the treatment of mood disorders, usually lasting 16 sessions. The model skilfully weaves together some aspects of attachment theory, mentalisation based therapy and some psychodynamic theory and technique, thereby providing a sophisticated synthesis.

It is used in the NHS in many IAPT services in primary care and increasingly also in secondary services for treating more complex cases, where it is often extended to 20 or 24 sessions.

The approach is to focus on the client’s relational world rather than deep internal world, although inevitably there is an overlap between these. The model is structured but leaves space for clients to bring in issues as and when they enter their minds. The therapist encourages them to make connections between what emerges in their minds and a focus which is selected to act as a ‘spine’ in the centre of the ensuing therapy. We will attempt to practice selecting a focus, or ‘interpersonal affective focus’ (IPAF) as termed in DIT.

We will proceed using a lecture format with PowerPoint slides and participatory exercises and role plays.

Note: In order to practice as a DIT therapist it is necessary to complete specialised training. This workshop is an introductory workshop, aiming to give participants a ‘taster’ with a view to continuing on to take the training.