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Conviction Analysis: the importance of certainty with Lesley Murdin

We all need certainty to live our daily lives but anyone who seeks psychotherapy is suffering from convictions which may be unfounded or untrue. In her talk, Lesley will consider the role of conviction and being right for both patients and therapists.


Lesley Murdin practises as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist. She teaches and supervises in many contexts and has considerable experience in running psychotherapy organisations. She has worked for the registering bodies UKCP and BPC, chairing committees over many years. She was CEO and National Director of WPF Therapy. She has published numerous books and papers including How Much is Enough? Endings in Psychotherapy and Counselling (2000) Setting Out: The Importance of the Beginning in Psychotherapy and Counselling (2005)Understanding Transference: The Power of Patterns in the Therapeutic Relationship (2009) How Money Talks (2012). Lesley’s latest book, Managing Difficult Endings in Psychotherapy It’s Time (2019) is about the difficulty of endings, but it is also about learning from the endings that we know have gone wrong as well as those that have worked well. It sets out how the psychological therapist can help a person to live well while life is available, and to face the endings that confront all of us with a need for honesty, and the acceptance of our human fragility. Therapists suffer through the fears and failures of the people they see as well as through their own endings. These difficulties can either help each one to be more understanding and helpful, or can lead to disaster. This book is about making sure that we use experience as well as theory constructively.