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An Introduction to Trauma Sensitive Yoga : 2 Hour Zoom Workshop Multiple Dates

Trauma Sensitive Yoga has foundations in Trauma Theory, Attachment Theory, Neuroscience and Hatha Yoga practice, with an emphasis on Mind Body connection, Movement and Breathing.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga creates a safe place where people can begin to reconnect with their bodies and over time clients learn to be present and begin to experience the effects of taking positive action and making choices. This gentle yoga is designed specifically for those who are already in counselling, psychotherapy, EMDR, PTSD symptoms or those in close contact with their GP or health workers. It is also very useful knowledge to have in your tool box at this time of Covid-19, when many of our clients are being triggered and we can integrate these trauma tools into our work.

Lorna will demonstrate ways of integrating trauma sensitive tools to meet the challenges of helping clients in a time of shared crisis. You will be able to use these tools in your online work as well as when we return to working in a shared space.

The workshop will be delivered fully online via Zoom, and combine self-reflective exercises with theoretical input and group interaction.