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Treating Trauma, Complex PTSD and Dissociative Disorders


Dissociation is one of the most neglected aspects of trauma work.

Misunderstood, misrepresented, and mislabeled as rare, dissociation wasn’t part of your university training and the resources available to you as a therapist are limited.

But if you work with trauma you work with dissociating clients, possibly even clients with undiagnosed Dissociative Disorders, and in these cases “therapy as usual” won’t be enough.

You can’t afford to be unprepared to work with this critical component of successful trauma treatment!

Kathy Steele is an expert in the field of trauma-related dissociation, an international trainer, and the author of Treating Trauma-Related Dissociation: A Practical Integrative Approach (W.W. Norton, 2017). 

Join her for this must-have training and get the clinical skills and tools you need to:

  • Identify symptom clusters of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and Other Specified Dissociative Disorder (OSDD)
  • Distinguish between normal ego states and more complex dissociative parts
  • Work with attachment without fostering dependency
  • Successfully employ a phase-oriented approach and practical interventions to treat complex trauma and dissociation

Register today for this workshop, take your trauma treatment to the next level, and make sure you’re prepared and confident to work with trauma-related dissociation!

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