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Mental Health Awareness with Anna Minogue BSc psych; MA psych; UKCP accredited

5 hours CPD

Mental health exists along a continuum from everyday pressures and stress to clinically significant mental health problems. It is not always easy, nor necessarily desirable to place hard borders between normal and abnormal mental health, but as counsellors and psychotherapists we have a duty to recognise when a specialist approach or additional support may be required, along with a duty to manage risks or crises when they arise.

This workshop provides an overview and refresher in recognising signs of common and severe mental health problems, the practical clinical issues that may arise in consequence, the treatment pathways and recommended therapeutic approaches that should be considered. By the end of this workshop you will be better able to recognise signs of common conditions such as the anxiety disorders and depressive conditions; recognise signs of personality disorders and severe conditions including bipolar disorders, schizophrenia spectrum disorders and related conditions; identify the main medical and psycho-social explanatory models of these mental health problems; Identify the treatment pathways and recommended therapies for different mental health problems; describe the principles of self-care and recovery-oriented approaches to managing mental health.