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SE Training – Intermediate 2 with Doris Rothbauer

The Intermediate Year of the 3 year London SE™ training will be taught by Doris Rothbauer, an SE trainer and faculty member of The Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute and Foundation for Human Enrichment. 

Doris Rothbauer is a licensed psychotherapist working as a teacher and trainer in different countries as well as in private practice in Munich for more than 20 years. She started training with Peter Levine in 1998, deepened her understanding in many years of assistance and clinical practice, and is now part of SETI faculty teaching SE trainings in Germany and other European countries.

Doris originally trained in communication and cognitive psychology, also holding a trainer certificate in NeuroLinguistic Programming (Dr. Christina Hall), she used to teach professional workshops for social institutions in leadership, teambuilding, communication, conflict resolution and self-management skills. For her clinical education she studied Ericksonian Hypnosis (Ernest Rossi, Jeffrey Zeig), body-oriented psychotherapy, attachment theory and developmental psychology. She also completed the educational training in NARM (Dr. Lawrence Heller) as well as in Neuroaffective Developmental Psychology (Dr. Susan Hart and Marianne Bentzen). In both these fields she is supervising and conducting introductory workshops Her personal and professional stance to life is grounded in meditation and awareness practice. As SE teacher her focus is on creating an environment that inspires people to venture into new learning territory with alertness, curiosity and joy and thus supporting social engagement and connection.