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Our First 1000 Days: A Diploma in Applied Pre and Perinatal Psychology

Access the foundations of your creative potential through profound healing

‘Over the past two decades I have worked hard to understand my dis-ease.  With the support, compassion and unconditional love offered by Binnie and Elmer I feel I am in touch with my source experiences and have some clarity over their birth origins.  They have created a magical and sacred space in which to integrate a new perspective and a model of self-care that resonates deep within. A truly life-changing experience.’   V.S. – Participant.

Each of us has a deeply held, embodied experience of conception, pregnancy, birth and early childhood – our first 1000 days. When we are willing to inquire into this rich, and often unconscious realm of personal and collective psychology, we gain access to the foundations of our own creative potential. This awareness makes us more available to being with others, both professionally and in close relationships.

In this 20-day course you will develop the capacity to listen and be present to self and other through profound healing and integration of the early experiences of conception, gestation, birth and early childhood.

This will find place in a gentle, safe, and supportive environment wherein you can remember, release, and examine the impact, reward, and healing energy inherent in your own birth process and will learn to facilitate that process in others.

We will work with experiential SOURCE Process and Breathwork, birth process work models, pre and perinatal psychology and physiology theory, guided meditation, small and large group work, somatic and trauma psychology practice.

Participants will receive mentoring throughout the duration of the training.

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Introductory Talks: 6pm Sunday 20th October and 7.30 pm Friday 22nd November, both at 74 Castlebar Road, Ealing, London. Free. Click here for details.