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The Impossible Profession- Michael Soth

Should practising as a therapist carry a health warning? What is the emotional cost of the therapeutic position, and what do we need to make it sustainable? How do relational dilemmas, as they manifest in the intricacy of each client-therapist relationship, affect the therapist’s well-being and how does this hook into the therapist’s ‘habitual position’, creating emotional exhaustion, burn-out, or vicarious traumatisation? Is there a way to make a sustainable living as a therapist or is it best practiced part-time? Is therapy a vocation dedicated to compassion, love and healing? Or is it a job, revolving around business and money? In practice, the answer for most of us could be that we operate comfortably in some middle zone of ambiguity, but in fact many counsellors and therapists struggle to do that. We all know that - unless we charge silly rates - we will not get rich in this profession, but we might achieve a comfortable degree of income and security, without selling our soul in the marketplace. For more details please visit: