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Shrinks love talking about sex – or perhaps not? What do we need to feel better equipped to address

The Workshop:

• How much is it useful/ necessary to be talking about sex in therapy?

• How might our own histories be impacting on how we approach or avoid this subject in the consulting room?

• Might we risk inflaming an erotic transference?

• How is this different for male and female therapists? For gay or straight therapists?

• How do we help clients think about desire and disappointment, or think about their sexual development and identity?

Our trainings do not always prepare us well to think with clients about the physicality of sex. We may feel that we should be cool about sex but often we feel the opposite. In this workshop I aim for us to create a safe environment for reflection and curiosity – about the work and about ourselves.

Workshop cost: £125 + booking fee (20% discount + booking fee for Wimbledon Guild counsellors ONLY you must purchase your ticket via your Wimbledon Guild email address).

Limited Early-bird discount of 15% + booking fee available until 16th August 2019 or until sold out.