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CLINICAL TRAINING in Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy

This course is offered by apptraining, the training section of AGIP. It is a three year clinical training in psychoanalytical psychotherapy and Jungian analysis leading to registration with the UKCP. Satisfactory completion of the apptraining Foundation Course is a requirement (although exemption from the Foundation course in suitable cases may be considered by the Training Committee). The course is offered over ten weekends each academic year starting in October 2019.

Trainees are required to be in twice weekly psychotherapy, with a period of more intensive therapy, with an AGIP approved therapist for the whole course and up to the point of final qualification. In addition, they are required to work with training cases under supervision.

There is a non-refundable application fee of £125 (to cover the two interview and admin costs).

The minimum age for admission is normally 25 years but the Training Committee will consider younger candidates who can demonstrate the necessary experience and maturity.

The training is pluralist - that is, a broad range of psychoanalytical theories are presented in seminars (eg Freud, Jung, Klein, Bion, Lacan, Object Relations, Attachment theory, Relational psychoanalysis) and trainees are encouraged to find their own working synthesis of these ideas. This allows those who qualify to work as either a psychoanalytical psychotherapist or a Jungian analyst.

In addition to the weekends, there is an Induction session in mid-September. As the teaching is at weekends, this may enable people who might not otherwise be able to, to travel to London to train.