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Healing Relational Trauma: The Science and Practice of Facilitating Deep Transformational Change with AEDP

Through the presentation of both leading-edge neuroscience and recorded therapy sessions, this workshop will provide exposure to AEDP’s hallmark techniques of positive neuroplasticity entrainment, dyadic affect regulation, healing-oriented emotion processing, and metatherapeutic processing. Together, these techniques facilitate deep transformational change and heal relational trauma. In the process, they foster resilience, expand relational capacity, kickstart flourishing and deepen experiences of feeling seen, loved and understood. In this training, Dr. Diana Fosha, developer of AEDP, and workshop participants will explore 5 aspects of how to be a transformational therapist:

  • Be a transformance detective how to set positive neuroplasticity into action by entraining transformance, the innate drive to heal, moment-to-moment, session to session
  • Stay with it and stay with me: how to use dyadic affect regulation and work experientially in the therapeutic relationship to co-create safety and connection and do the work of deep emotional processing
  • Existing in the heart and mind of the other: how to work experientially with receptive affective experience, and use the client’s sense of feeling felt and being seen, to deepen our clients’ resilience and sense of self
  • Work with intense emotion: how to experientially work with and process intense emotional experience to completion in order to transform trauma and suffering into flourishing
  • Work with transformational experience: how to use AEDP’s groundbreaking metatherapeutic processing methodology to make the most out of each change-for-the-better moment to set flourishing in action while healing relational trauma; metatherapeutic processing activates non-finite positive spirals of energy and vitality to upgrade the nervous system and fuel engaged explorations