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(London) From Scare-Giving To Care-Giving; A Therapeutic Journey When Working With Clients Suffering Complex Trauma

This workshop will focus on the relational aspects of working with survivors of extreme trauma who mainly come from a Disorganised Attachment style and who display symptoms of dissociation namely DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). How can we better relate to the chaos, overwhelming countertransference, contradictory ways of behaving and more importantly their dread of relatedness?

The day will begin with a broad overview of Attachment theory, the transference and countertransference of each attachment style with the aim to then focus on a deeper understanding of the Disorganised Attachment and "Cannot Classify" Attachment styles, trauma and dissociation.

• An overview of Attachment theory

• Trauma, Disorganised attachment, and Dissociation

• Case presentation on working with DID

• Documentary film “The baby” - on dissociation and intergenerational transmission of trauma

• Discussion and conclusion